The Founders

'Founded by me and my 5 year old daughter in 2005 for her love of dressing her dolls and bears'


As founders our aim is simple; we take the welfare of our planet very seriously, we want your cuddly toy to look hip and trendy in the latest clothes and designer outfits / uniforms we have to offer, but in a way that will be more resourceful and sustainable to our way of life.​


Rosie Bear

This video is made for my first Grandbaby to give him an understanding of his proud heritage

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Thank you 

Rosie Bear

ma pa.jpg

My Ma and Pa came over to England in the late 1950's from the Caribbean.​


My Dad was a Chef, and my Mum was a Seamstress. They soon realised that those jobs and skills they had they could not continue to do as the opportunities were not as they had hoped. My Dad worked for a while as a Chef in a hotel but ended up working as a labourer. My Mum like many woman from the Caribbean worked in a hospital.​


Even though my Mum did not do much sewing, she was the one who taught me everything I know today. Life is funny, whenever you watch TV you always hear that it was my Mum or Nan who taught me how to sew or knit etc...

I don't ever remember any of my English friends being able to sew or knit, it was always my friends’ parents who were from the Caribbean that were the sewers, knitters, crocheters and the like. It was always my Caribbean friends Mum's who had a SINGER sewing machine in the living room, and we were the ones teaching our English friends how to do these skills. In fact, all my English friends today and the ones who I teach, and those who book lessons on-line in Our Workshop are still the ones who are learning these skills from me. They always looked shock and surprised when I open the door and they think I am the cleaner or they have the wrong address. It's funny how people’s perception of life is the one that is feed to them and not the reality of what you know and experience.

It breaks my heart to know that one human can have a disliking to another due to their race and the colour of their skin.

We here at Cuddly Bear Wear believe that every human life is special and beautiful. and we do not agree that anyone should have any disadvantage, socially and morally due to race.

We are one Race - The Human Race

Please be kind to one another, We all live on this beautiful planet, there is enough room for everyone to share the love.

One Planet One Love.

Bob Marley 

One Love!
One Heart!
Let's get together and feel all right.