It's all in your imagination

Meow my name is Twinkie

Ohhh Yes, if it wasn't for me there wouldn't be a company. It was my skill and style as a feline, that helped these humans to success. I am of course TWINKIE the cat. and all these humans work under my guidance. Of course I sleep most of the day. I hope you do enjoy reading my story, and you will understand where the real talent comes from.


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Twinkie's Story

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Twinkie's Story

Drawing of Cat

Meow Story

My first day at school


Carmen is my human, I look after her all the time. She is quite an energetic kind of human and often gets herself into a lot of trouble, and you've guessed it I'm the one who has to get her out of it and to be quite honest some times at the end of the day I am quite relieved when she goes to bed and I can just relax.


We cats are not supposed to be put through the mill you know. But I suppose humans don't realise that the word Cat stands for lazy, being idle, and lethargic, not to mention I am always feeling tired and sleepy, especially when I have nothing to do all day.


Yes It was quite an interesting day, especially when all the humans left us in the classroom when they went to lunch.

Boy did we have fun! Jumping on the tables, drawing on the whiteboard, and not to mention. Oh! I better not mention I may get my human into trouble. But I must admit I did have a fun day, and I am looking forward to doing it all again.


I suppose my human will be dressing me up again. She is always dressing me up, but I guess she hasn't realised that I am covered head to toe in fur. Humans huh!

It all started in 2005, My Human took me to school with her. She had a 'BRING A BEAR TO SCHOOL DAY'

The funny thing was I am not even a bear... Go figure!

Anyhow after the fun day my furry friends and I had , I guess it had to come to an end, well so I thought. After being tugged here and there by all the miniature humans. saying' I want one...I want one...I WANT ONE!!!' I guess this is where the story begins. My human Carmen took it upon herself to promise all her class friends; after me being such a professional model and all, modelling the Henry Moore Primary School uniform of course. And so with that every small human in her class now wanted their bear to look like me. And without even discussing this with me and seeing how I would feel about this she went ahead with what she thought was a great idea, all along knowing how I am an original, and I have my own style. But I suppose if I am the inspiration for others to follow then so be it. We all can't be leaders... we do need those to follow, so follow my sheep - follow.

It is now 2019, nearly 15 years since that day. and my human is no longer at primary school. I have slowed a lot down since then. I am still with Carmen, but now lead a much quieter life. She is now at university. I am still with her, while she is studying all day, I am left in her dorm, I no longer jump on the bed and give her things to tidy up when she comes home, I find myself sitting on her window watching the world go by.

I guess she still loves me as I am sat on her bed at night where I have always been since she took me home all those years ago when she was 2 years old. 

I guess I love her too!

Twinkie x

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September 2011  - January 2020

Our dear Mikey our much loved family cat passed away. He will be sadly missed by us all. 

He was always by my side while sewing. Always letting me know when it was time for a break by refusing to get off my chair. Taking up all the room on my foot stool so I was hanging on the edge. And always by my side when things were not so good by letting me know that he was always there.

I will miss you so dear Mikey.

Rosie Bear