Rosie Bear

Rosie Bear is the founder of the business Cuddly Bear Wear, which started in 2005.

All inspired by her daughter while she was still a nipper back in primary school.

Rosie Bear is a much talented Bear, who can put her hand to any thing and always comes up with amazing results. She has an amazing team of sewers, who can follow the dream, and add to the creativeness of the company, She always hires those who can work on their own judgement, and doesn't need too much baby sitting.

She produces the best and expect the same from her team.

Meet the team


Chelsea Bear

Chelsea bear is in charge of all our media outputs for the week, She is a very busy Uni student studying Graphics and Design which helps us a lot with the look and feel of our on-line store. Be sure to read her latest updates on our blog and social media,post.


Carlos Bear

Carlos bear, takes care of all our postal orders. He is our very own Postman Bear.

Carrying the daily load so to speak to the to the local Post Office, so you can receive your special hand made gifts on time.


Chrissy Bear

Chrissy Bear is very old school and brings a much loved wisdom to the company. Keeping us all grounded, but with the upmost of sturdiness, but with an underlined humour that puts us all to shame.



Ohhh Yes, if it wasn't for me there wouldn't be a company. It was my skill and style as a feline, that helped these humans to success. I am of course TWINKIE the cat. and all these humans work under my guidance. Of course I sleep most of the day. Please do read my story, and you will understand where the real talent comes from.



Kent Bear

Kent Pup is a whiz at packing our delicate items. He too has a creative flair about the way he handles the bespoke clothing knowing that each order is special and requires only the best of handling and packing so it reaches you in tip top condition.





Our Sewing Team

are the best from our local community. We like to hire local people for our business. and use local businesses  for our supplies where we can.

Even though we sell nationwide, and internationally, we like to keep our work force local.

We believe that if you have a happy workforce, they will be loyal and help you when the needs be. Happy Workers equals A Happy Boss.

Rosie Bear

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Est since 2005 Cuddly Bear Wear