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Welcome to the Bear Wear Pattern Shop

Why are our bear clothes and patterns different from other bear clothes, patterns and kits?


That's easy! our clothes are real tailored clothing, not just simple clothes made for a bear, but are tailored clothing the dressmaker's way. This means that the clothes we make and sell as patterns for you to make, are designed with a figure in mind, regardless of whether you are human or a bear. Design by dressmakers who know about fabric, and how the fabric lays on the model (bear)


Our sewing patterns are designed to fit the average size 16" popular bear, if however, you have a bear of a different size....really small, or built with a unique shape, big hips, tiny chest. big feet or head, our Teddy Tailor can really help you. As like all humans... Bears come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. I hope you will enjoy our selection, as this new phase is very exciting to us, and we know our Cuddly Bear Wear Pattern Shop will grow with many clothes for many occasions, ready for you to build your own wardrobe.

These patterns will fit your 16" bear and doll

patterns coming soon

Do you have a furry friend who needs a new wardrobe?

Coming soon are Cuddly Bear Wear's  'The Teddy Tailor' sewing and knitting/crochet patterns and kits for bear outfits and accessories.

Our sewing patterns are simple but elegant patterns for your 16" Bear, Dolls, and other furry friends.

These gorgeous patterns will allow you to build your own bears wardrobe with an abundance of styles for your boy and girl bear.

The easy sew patterns are great for the beginner and for those who loves to sew.

Along side our beautiful array of clothes we will be bring out a new range of accessories like bags, hats, scarfs etc...for your bear. These will be a combination of knitting, crocheting as well as sewing.



The Cuddly Bear Wear Pattern Shop offers an exciting line of sewing patterns of really cool clothes for your teddy bear and other furry friend.


Our Cuddly Bear Wear patterns are precisely drawn using drafting digital software so the fit will be comfortable for your 16" bear. 

Each pattern come with easy read information and sewing tips to help you with your sewing project and to ensure your enjoyment while making your bear garments. Our tips will help you with:

  • Suggested fabrics and metre requirement

  • Fabric layout and cutting suggestions

  • Detailed assembly instructions

  • Videos entry code with each purchase

  • Important sewing tips

  • level of difficulty on pattern and on kits.


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