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Handmade in the UK

Up -cycle your uniform 


If your school, club or workplace has a logo or badge, this will be incorporated in the re-sizing of the garments. This unique service offers a tailor-made uniform for your bear or cuddly friend. We at Cuddly Bear Wear treat each order with a personal touch, as each bear, like humans are of different sizes and creeds



We try to lessen our carbon pawprint, by encouraging you to not buy new bears but to find an old favourite, and help us help you to bring some new life into your forgotten friend.

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  ECO   bears

Sewing Service for Bears

Thank you for choosing 

Cuddly Bear Wear

and finding a way to sustain our planet.

The process can take 6 -10 weeks to make...Please bear this in mind before ordering.

(the timeframe may be longer in our busier times of the year, Easter, Christmas, End of school year etc...)

Fortunately for us at Cuddly Bear Wear even if we tried we can not rush the way we do our business. So if you are in a hurry maybe this site is not for you.