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Our aim is simple, we want to bring back all the lost life skills that have been missing for a generation. At The Cuddly Craft Workshop, we will be offering some of the crafts that were once taught in schools, and taught by our grandparents who always passed their skills and expertise onto their children and their children’s children.

There has been a big surge in the re-kindling of these abandoned crafts, with the realisation that these should once again be taught in schools. We are beginning to realise that the world today is a very stressful place to be, and are now trying to find ways to relieve ourselves from this. Such ways as doing crafts help us to relax, unwind and helps us to switch off.

These skills may well have been things done through necessity in the past, but maybe there is something that could be said for a simpler life…to enjoy the process of the journey, the finished product of what you are making is a bonus.

Rosie runs a Teddy Bear Tailoring business, and her skills as a sewer and dressmaker have always been part of her life. She taught herself how to knit in the 80’s in a time when videos and youtube did not exist, and learned how to knit from a book, as there was no one around to give her a helping hand. She has been knitting now for over 30 years, and finds it relaxing and rewarding.

The next step for Rosie is to pass on to children and adults her love of sewing and the other crafts to those who need a basic structure of all the classes on which they can build their own skills, this way they will leave the classes with confidence to carry on at home.

There is always support at the other end of the line or you can email her at if you get stuck and need some advice.


Chrissy has been knitting since the age of 6, her career has been varied and colourful, she has always been involved in crafts, and is a natural at being creative.

Chris is passionate and excited about passing the art of crafting onto children and adults. She has been looking forward in combining her love of sewing, cross stitch knitting and crochet.

In the teaching: she’s being very involved in the setting up of the classes for beginners to craft, or those who would like to further what they know, from being rusty.

Chrissy has a engaging personality and you will warm to her immediately. Her skills as a a crafter are second to none, and she has taught many throughout the years.


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This is a great place to learn a new craft

  • Book a lesson to suit your skill level.

  • Set in a warm friendly craft environment.

  • We provide all the equipment you need.

  • We don't rush you while you learn, as our goal is for you to go away confident, and happy.

  • Choose your craft and book, 

  • Upon starting you will receive a folder with all the information you will need to start, and a break down of your weeks lessons. 

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