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Classes start from

£20.00 per hour

Reading a Book

esl English as a second Language    -    for  women & children
Year 1 & 2 English tutoring  for children who 

may need help settling into school life, for those who struggle and need a little

encouragement with a different approach and looking at things differently.

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After School Tuition 

When your child has one to one tuition, it means they can learn at their own speed. rather being caught up in the world wind rush of the class environment trying hard to get things done. This leads to a lot of mis-understanding for many children not being able to grasp the task at hand and the bigger picture that teachers are put under pressure to provide.

My Classes allows your child to build a rapport with me, which in turn will help them to learn more and increase their confidence in an environment that helps them feel safe and at ease. Where they can express their own concerns and will always be rewarded for their good work and behaviour..

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The cost of tutoring

The cost per hour is £20.00

This will include all the necessary learning aids they will need to help them on their journey of learning English.

We have our own reading library, which is dedicated to the early learner/beginner reader, helping them with phonics, vowels and the pronunciation of the English language.

We provide worksheets, word games, exercise books, pencils all that will be needed.

As the lessons will last an hour you are more than welcome to stay the hour, and watch how I teach, in turn will help you help your child at home.

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Art Class


Having fun while learning is the best way children remember what has been taught.

Even though I work around the national curriculum, My main aim is to give your child the main core of learning English, so when they leave me, they have a good start to school life in the classroom. If they know the basics in English, it will help with other topics being taught.

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Math Exercises

Learning aids

My teaching is tailored around each student. adapting their skills as they grow, and to their needs, only moving on when they have grasped the teaching, and this is always repeated as a follow up in future classes.

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 About me   

My name is Rosie, I have been tutoring off and on for over 30 years. Having brought up 3 children all with  different learning abilities and strengths, I do understand when parents are sometimes over whelmed when maybe they feel that their child is not enjoying school, due to the fact they may be struggling. I can assure you that when they start to enjoy their lessons with me, they will enjoy school life too!

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Your child's safety is paramount to me.

That's why I don't mind you staying for the hour. If you feel that you would prefer to go, please make sure that you pick your child up once the hour ends, as another pupil will be booked for the next hour.

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Let reading become a joy! 

classes are held on Tuesday & thursday
4.00pm, 5.00pm & 6.00pm slots

Craft Classes in Harlow

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