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Do you love reading? but never seem to have the time. Is the thought of starting a new book daunting, with the sad knowledge of knowing you will never finish it. Do you buy books, read the blurb on the back, convince yourself you will read it, but months will pass, and before you know it you a have a bookcase/e-reader full of brand new books, untouched with the heading 'One day... One day I will read you'  The reality is my friends that day will never come...Until now!

Reading Glasses on Book

Cosy Murder Mysteries
short stories book club

What is that I hear you cry!  Well I love Murder Mysteries and Short Stories. So why not combine the 2.
Well, we will have one constant book on the go (the murder mystery), as well as the odd short story read on the day when we meet up . The short story will take approx. 7-10 mins to read when everyone arrives. We will have a short discussion to warm things up. For those who really don't have time to stay, you can come for the short story pressure...Honest.



We will be a safe as we can be, there will be a place to wash your hands. Hand sanitiser is available. There is room to self distance. And you can always wear a mask if you feel uncomfortable.

What to bring?  Yourself

What you may need? Book/e-reader

Where are we? In Church Langley Harlow

Reading Glasses on Book


I love a twist in a tale, and I am always pleased when I get it wrong. Especially when I didn't see the plot twist coming.

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