Prepaid Gift

Why not treat a friend or child a prepaid gift.

This Gift package enables you to send in a small envelope a great gift that will make any child excited with anticipation as they post off their uniform, and patiently wait for their uniform to be transformed in miniature form to fit their favourite toy.

Sewing Service for Bears


Recycle Gift Package


What's included in your pre-paid gift?

When you order one of our gift packages, it will give you the opportunity of giving a unique gift to some one you care for. You will receive an A5 recyclable envelope, which will contain:

  • 'How to measure your bear' form

  • ' 3 easy steps to recycling' instruction guide

  • Address label

  • Unique product code

  • Packing slip check list

All you do from there is give the entire envelope with all the references included to the one you care for, and they will be able to prepare what they want to be up-cycled. Return postage is all paid.

What will your recipient receive?

Once your gift has been given by you, and your recipient has sent in all their bits and bobs to us, that's the fun bit done. We will busily get sewing to make their 'Mini Me' uniform for their bear. All they have to do is excitedly wait 4 - 6 weeks for the postman to knock.


They will receive:

  • A fully re-sized uniform to fit their bear or furry friend.

  • If ordered - A soft brown 16" bear with Bear Certificate

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Pre-paid recorded postage, so there's nothing to worry about, tracking number will be sent to you and recipient.


Choose from the package options below

If you do not have a bear you can choose the package with the soft brown bear included