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About your new clothes

Brand New Clothing.

When it comes to brand new clothing we will try to make your garments the way you would like the design to be. You must however realise that these are Teddy Bear clothes and due to the size of your bear not all of your design, will be totally identical due to sizing not for the want of trying, and we will decide what looks best on the bear. Also sending us a photo of the clothing means you wish us to choose a similar choice to your designed fabric, this may vary a little. It will never be 100% of what you may expect it to look like after all it is a bear. and we do  try our best to simulate your design and colour.  Please realise that there will be a slight design difference, for example this may be as simple as choosing a smaller floral print for a bear instead of choosing one for an adult size person who in reality is a bear is a 3rd of the size, and a small design print will be more fitting for a bear. This example will be held for logos too! so it is in keeping with the size of the bear.

Colours too! will be as close as we can get to your original design. Unless you send in the fabric for us to sew for you, or you can recycle items of clothing, we do not try to give false hope as that will be impossible to guarantee

If you are unhappy with the bespoke item we have made for you. and the item looks identical to your brief, fits your bear. and has been made to your specifications. We will not offer a refund, as time, materials has been put into the making of your clothing for your bear. If however, there is poor workmanship, poor quality of goods, or your clothing does not fit your bear. We will ask for you to send in your bear with the clothes so we can make that judgement, and then if we are satisfied that the clothing does not fit the bear, and the measurements you sent in are correct we can offer to adjust the clothing.

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Where's my bear clothes? My bear is cold and I am still waiting!

The process can take 4-8 weeks to make...Please bear this in mind before ordering.

(the timeframe may be longer in our busier times of the year, Easter, Christmas, End of school year etc...)

Fortunately for us at Cuddly Bear Wear even if we tried we can not rush the way we do our business. So if you are in a hurry maybe this site is not for you.


I hope this is helpful


Kindest regards and thanks for your patience

Rosie Bear.

Take care, stay safe!

& Be kind to one another

One Planet One Love.