Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to send in my cuddly toy?

No - All you have to do is enter your cuddly toy measurements when placing an order for recycled clothing via our website or fill in the on-line order form found on the ‘How to measure your bear’ page. For all Brand New clothing orders, items supplied by us will fit cuddly toys of 42 cm to 52cm in height. Also a photo of your bear will help with the dimensions.

Can I pay with a cheque or postal order?

Yes – However, orders by this method will take a little longer to process due to us having to wait for the clearance of your funds via the banking system. Customers must be aware that adjustments to recycled clothing will not commence until cheques or postal order funds have cleared our ‘Cuddly Bear Wear’ bank account.

Does my cuddly toy have to be a bear?

No – You can buy Cuddly Bear Wear clothing to fit most cuddly toys. Cuddly toys must be within the size requirements stated on our website and must not be smaller than 36cm (14”) if requiring recycled clothing.

Can I buy Cuddly Bear Wear clothing other than On-line?


Yes – Simply download the Order Form and complete pages 1 and 2 with your cuddly toy measurements. Fill in the item of clothing or accessories you require to buy together with your personal details and then send us your order form along with your cheque payment for the total amount including postage and packaging. Do not forget to send us your clothes to be re-sized if ordering recycled clothing.

Can I get in contact with Cuddly Bear Wear?

Yes - You can call us on: 01279 432060  or write to us at: Cuddly Bear Wear 50, Denby Grange, Harlow ESSEX CM17 9PZ ... Or you can email us at

How are recycled orders despatched to customers?

All recycled items will be returned by recorded post and will have to be sign for upon receipt.

How long will it take my recycled order to be made?

As all adjustments of recycled clothes are personal for each cuddly toy, delivery of recycled items may take up to 4-8 weeks to be returned. There are periods during the summer months when we can become very busy and some orders may take slightly longer to be made.

Can you make small recycled clothing larger?

No - We cannot make something out of nothing and therefore unable to increase the size of any clothing.

What if my Cuddly toy is the same size and height as me?

That’s easy! No adjustment is therefore required.

What if I want my logo to remain on my recycled clothing?

If your clothing has a logo on it, we will aim to keep the logo when re-sizing takes place. However, in some cases the logo may be too large, and in cutting away excess material when re-sizing may be impossible to include the logo on your recycled item.


Because of this we therefore recommend that you buy a “Cuddly Bear Wear” badge for your recycled clothing which will avoid the need for us to carry out excessive re-sizing to try and retain any existing logo. If you would like a “Cuddly Bear Wear” badge sewn on any ordered clothing then please indicate this to us by e-mail when you place your order.

NB: Badges are made from high quality woven cotton with the words “Cuddly Wear Bear” and has the logo ‘paw’ print within it.

Brand New Clothing.

When it comes to brand new clothing we will try to make your garments the way you would like the design to be. You must however realise that these are Teddy Bear clothes and due to the size of your bear not all of your design, will be totally identical due to sizing not for the want of trying, and we will decide what looks best on the bear. Also sending us a photo of the clothing you wish us to choice that is similar to your designed fabric may vary a little. It will never be 100% of what you may expect it to look like after all it is a bear. and we try our best to simulate your design and colour.  Please realise that there will be a slight design difference, for example this may be as simple as choosing a smaller floral print a bear instead of choosing one for an adult size person who in reality is a bear is a 3rd of the size, and a small design print will be more fitting for a bear. This example will be made in logos too! so it is in keeping with the size of the bear.

Colours too! will be as close as we can get to your original design. Unless you send in the fabric for us to sew for you, or you can recycle items of clothing, we do not try to give false hope as that will be impossible to guarantee

If you are unhappy with the bespoke item we have made for you. and the item looks identical to your brief, fits your bear. and has been made to your specifications. We will not offer a refund, as time, materials has been put into the making of your clothing for your bear. If however, there is poor workmanship, poor quality of goods, or your clothing does not fit your bear. We will ask for you to send in your bear with the clothes so we can make that judgement, and then if we are satisfied that the clothing does not fit the bear, and the measurements you sent in are correct we can offer to adjust the clothing.

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