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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

We are a unique Teddy Bear Tailoring company whom makes clothing for bears.

We have a Teddy Tailoring service to help you find and for us to make the perfect outfit for your bear.

The Teddy Tailor making custom wear for your bear.

We at “Cuddly Bear Wear” offer a fantastic range of cuddly toys, teddy bear clothes and accessories for all types of occasions. We are a different kind of company that prides itself on the quality and individuality of the products we offer which is seen as a cool alternative to the conventional offerings seen on the high street.


As founders our aim is simple; we want your cuddly toy to look hip and trendy in the latest clothes and designer outfits / uniforms we have to offer. Our teddy bear clothes range covers many occupations and professions from Teaching, Military, Airline, Health Care and many more of which we often re-make from recycled clothing provided by our customers.


Our unique service provides an affordable, perfect ready made gift or idea to celebrate a special occasion by providing your cuddly toy or teddy bear with fashionable designer wear to compliment your child’s unique fashion sense and style.


We are a different kind of company. We not only sell brand new uniforms to purchase here, but we also offer a recycling service, where you can recycle your existing school uniform to the size of your favourite bear.

  • Send us your uniform

  • We send back a smaller version

Custom made outfits for all your favourite cuddly toys.


If your school has a logo of badge, this will be incorporated in the re-sizing of the garments. This unique service offers a tailor made uniform for your bear or cuddly friend. We at Cuddly Bear Wear treat each order with a personal touch, as each bear, like humans are of different sizes and creeds.


“Cuddly Bear Wear” is a green ethical company based in Essex and London offering good quality cuddly toys, teddy bears clothes and accessories to customers who wish to shop on-line for convenience and economy without the need to visit a high street store which in turn helps our customers to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint.


As a green company we provide special event toys and items for many occupational industries such as Schools, Hospitals and Football clubs. We also specialise in providing bespoke fashion wear to customers who send in their recycled school uniforms or similar clothing into “Cuddly Bear Wear”. We then recycle; redesign, resize and refashion their used school uniform or clothing items to fit their child’s favourite cuddly toy or teddy bear.

So why not give your child a wonderful gift by choosing from our range of teddy bear clothes found on our “Cuddly Bear Wear” On-line store. Children will love their cuddly toys and teddy bears dressed in the same school fashion wear as them. This will give children comfort as both child and favourite toy go off to school together dressed identically. Sports days can be fun too! Especially, when your school is playing in the district or county games, so why not have a school mascot wearing a uniform that has been recycled and refashioned by “Cuddly Bear Wear”.

Don’t let your bear go bare!

Reduce your carbon pawprint 

Small clothing for the smaller friend

If you’d like to get in touch with us at Cuddly Bear Wear  with any questions/queries we would love to hear from you! You can contact us by phone, or by email  at hugs@cuddlybearwear.co.uk

We’ll try to answer your emails within two working days, although during busier periods, this may take a little longer.  





CM17 9PZ

Web site www.cuddlybearwear.co.uk

Tel: 01279 432 060

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