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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Welcome everyone to Cuddly Bear Wear,

Hi there, I’m Jay,

I will be taking you on our journey of new and past garments we have made, Showing you current projects we are undertaking for Bears and Dolls

The Teddy Tailor is a British Teddy Tailoring Company founded in 2005, and has been tailoring clothes for bears under our trade name Cuddly Bear Wear.

We make real clothes for bears

Who are we?

We are a UK Company, founded in 2005, we are a green UK business that encourages children and adults alike to recycle their favourite clothing to turn into a memorable fashion item for bears

‘ Don’t let your bear go bare,

If you do everyone will stare.

Your furry friend will look so cool,

If he has a uniform from your school ‘

What we do?

Looking for something new and different? 

We are a different kind of company. We not sell brand new uniforms and clothing, but we also offer a tailoring service which can make any type of clothing for bears. Cultural, School Wear, Pop Idols, to designs sent in by you. The list is endless.

Who Orders from you?  

We have a nationwide school base, which is very popular at the end of the school academic year, when thousands of uniforms are recycled and made to fit bears and given to year 6 pupils as a memorable leaving gift. .

What else do you do?   

We are also known as the ‘The Teddy Tailor’ We make bespoke clothing for bears. By sending in a photo or items of clothing we can re create them to fit bears. Whether it’s a favourite bear, or selected from our range we don’t mind.

Who works for you?
We have a very talented team of  UK dressmakers,  We specialise in providing custom made fashion wear to customers who send in their uniforms to be recycled to fit their favourite bear or doll.


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